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We are always super excited to provide food for special events!  We do catering as well as bring the truck out for special events. We can

provide catering from our menu or we can help create custom meals for your guests.  We are staffed with high end chefs that are capable of anything your guests would like.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions.

1. What is your minimum to bring the truck out for special events?

For most instances, $250 per hour (including travel time if outside of Huntsville) with a two hour minimum ($500). That is basically our break even point after we pay our employees, pay for gasoline & propane, prepare food, etc.

*Additionally Insured- if your company requires us to add you as an additionally insured entity on our insurance policy, there will be an additional $150 fee added to the guarantee.We get billed from our insurance company every time we make that change and we are asked to do that for a ton of locations. We don't like it either, but we must at this point.

Usually it works this way: the event host agree to the minimum, and if the truck doesn't ring that amount, the organizer is responsible for the remaining balance. If this doesn't fit your budget, we can always do traditional catering! We can prepare anything your heart desires, come and set up everything food related and take the burden off of you.

2. How many people does it take to meet the minimum for event booking?

Usually, 50 people or more eating is sufficient to cover the minimum.

3. How may we pay?

We can have the guests pay for their individual meals or we can run a tab and the host can pay after the event is over with cash or card, either is fine. We can also work with budgets, i.e. an employer wants to pay for $5 of every meal and the employee is responsible for

the balance.We can usually cater to any payment needs necessary.

4. How long before the event will you need to set up?

We always show up about 45 minutes early to set up. It normally only takes us 20 minutes to get our grills hot, put out coolers, napkins, etc.  After that, we're ready to go!

5. How many food trucks will we need to feed X amount of people efficiently?

The "rule of thumb" is usually 1 savory truck per 200 people. This works best to make it a worthwhile endeavor for the food truck operators and to make sure that everyone gets speedy service. Some event coordinators love to have as many trucks as they can get, which in turn drives food trucks out of business. We're ecstatic that everyone loves having us all at every event, but at the end of the

day, we have to pay our employees just like any other business- so it needs to be worthwhile for us, as well.

6. Do you guys mind if we have a free buffet at our event also?

Unfortunately, yes. We understand  that some organizers would love to have an option for a buffet, but unless you have agreed upon a set price for a food truck being there, it absolutely kills our business. Even if the food truck has amazing food, nothing can compete with "FREE."  This seems like a no-brainer, but we've seen it happen a few times at great events and it's a situation where the organizer just overlooked the consequences and didn't consider the impact it would have on the trucks.  If a buffet is a must, most trucks wouldn't mind having a buffet there, as long as everyone has agreed on a set price or a minimum.  Or a better idea: ask one of the trucks to provide the buffet! Most would bend over backwards to accommodate!  We all love seeing happy faces!

7. Can you guys make my favorite dish or bring this particular drink?

Yes! Just let us know ahead of time, and we can accommodate whatever you like. Often, we get bored of making the same dishes everyday, so we'd love to do something different for you!


After you have read through the FAQs above and feel like your event will meet the criteria, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.